iPro offers the casino and entertainment industry an unparalleled, patented and award winning multi-solution platform with service oriented architecture that allows maximum agility, robustness, automation and overall advanced technological capabilities. 

  • Multi-market:  regulated real money and social casual gaming for jurisdictional compliance

  • Multi-platform:  Desktop, iOS and Android

  • Multi-social network:  Facebook, Google Play, Twitter, Amazon, and more

  • Multi-payment:  PayPal/Braintree, Credit Card, Apple, Google Play, Amazon, and more

  • Multi-tech:  Unity, HTML5, Native, and more

  • Multi-player or single player casino, casual, or sports betting games

  • Multi-game third party supplier integrations

  • Multi-channel messaging:  in-app, push notifications, email, Facebook, and more

  • Multi-data center:  cloud and private

  • Multi-tenant

  • Multi-app

  • And, much, much more…such as:


  • Marketing and Sales Tools for User Acquisition, Retention and Monetization

  • User Analytics and Big Data

  • Remote Gaming Server Platform

  • Registration, Verification and Banking for Worldwide Regulated Real Money Markets

  • Geolocation with Jurisdictional Level Gaming Offerings

  • Customer Support and Responsible Gaming

  • Player Segmentation

  • Bonusing and Metagames

  • And, yes, more!


developed &

powered by iPro