The iPro team is comprised of a development team in India and in the US, a product, design, operations and management team.  The Indian team is a seasoned and talented mobile and platform technical engineering team led by top management from the technology and gaming industries.  The US team is comprised of high performing individual contributors and managers who were cherry picked from the gaming, entertainment and technology industries.

Robert Melendres

Robert is the founder and CEO of iPro.  In this role, Robert sets the vision and direction of the company and works alongside the board, the senior leaders and their teams.  Prior to joining iPro, Robert spent a couple of decades in senior executive positions at the world’s largest and most successful technology and gaming companies.  His last role, before joining iPro, was with the multi-billion dollar IGT as their Chief Legal Officer, Executive Vice President Interactive, and Corporate Secretary where he managed several corporate functions and led the annual revenue growth of the interactive business from $36 million to over $350 million in just 3 years.

Shaan Devaraj

Shaan is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of iPro.  In this role, Shaan sets the technical vision and direction of the company’s platform and products, manages iPro’s research and development teams, and works alongside the CEO, senior management team, and partners.   Prior to joining iPro, Shaan spent 18 years developing patented online gaming platform innovations as a pioneering engineer architect for IGT and the online gaming industry.  In his last role before joining iPro, Shaan was the Director of Engineering and Architecture for Double Down Interactive, one of the largest and most successful social casinos worldwide, where he led and managed the engineering team.

Dan Gieschen

Dan is the Chief Product Officer of iPro.  Dan works with the CEO to define the product roadmap and is also responsible for the behavioral and gamification elements that drive user engagement and retention across all iPro products.  Prior to iPro, Dan was the director of development and a founding member of Double Down Interactive which started as a small 5 person company and grew to 100’s of employees, millions of daily players, and became one of the top grossing iPad and Facebook applications generating $100’s of millions of annual revenue.  Dan’s creative mind and talents breach traditional game design as he is also an accomplished musician and composer -- an unexpected benefit that he brings to the audio elements of iPro’s products. 

Ian Boe

Ian is the Chief Creative Officer of iPro.  His role is to lead the art team in design, production and visual development.  Ian brings over 13 years of creative experience working in entertainment and gaming.  Ian has worked for such studios as GameHouse, Double Down Interactive, and Presence Labs.  At Double Down, Ian led the mobile design team to help Double Down emerge the top annual revenue grossing mobile app in all categories.  In his last role prior to iPro, Ian was the Creative Director of Presence Labs where they created mind blowing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) products which included the casino industries first AR and VR social casinos. 

Chitra Mohan

Chitra is the Director of Development for iPro.  In this role, Chitra manages the iPro development team in India and is responsible for all platform and product development, production and releases.  Chitra partners with iPro’s CTO, and US product team, to execute iPro’s platform and product roadmaps.  Prior to iPro, Chitra developed a deep and rich skill set creating mobile application with a focus on cost effectiveness and high quality.  Over her professional life, Chitra established a reputation for delivering zero defect releases for critical and complex mobile applications.   One such example is the multiple revision, zero defect, embedded application stack she did for NTT DoCoMo which shipped more than 40 million phones without issues.